Thursday 11 February 2021

New Book: The First and Second Italian Wars by Julian Romane


I came across this book, published last year, whilst doing a general book search for my Christmas list. Being a fan of the early period, I took a punt and put it at the top of my list without reading a single review. I wasn't disappointed to have done so.

As well as covering the usual stuff, it has some nice chapters on the less well known stuff: such as Cesare Borgia's campaigns in the Romagna. Nothing amazingly new, nothing amazingly detailed, but nicely brought together. I also liked the extra bits such as the character studies of individuals, studies of geographic regions, and the use of poison.

I think it's a nice addition to the small pantheon of books on this much neglected period in military history. I'm guessing, like most books covering this subject, it probably had quite a small print run, so stocks will probably run out quickly, and it will probably double in price quickly in consequence. For less than £20 (in hardback) on Amazon, it's a steal. Get it! Get it quick!