Friday 10 July 2020

Two new additions and a spot of basing

Over past few months I've managed to paint quite a few new units for my Peninsular collection but, I haven't based any of them beyond sticking the figures onto their stands. Nor had I finished the whole collection's skirmisher stands, which I had pulled off square bases and glued to round bases at the very start of the Covid lock down. 

At the weekend, looking at the growing number of new units plus all of the skirmisher bases, and realising that until they were done the collection was unplayable, I finally decided to bite the basing bullet and get myself up to date and 'table ready'. 

The collection, now standing at 52 units plus commanders, is ready to fight again. 

Including the two horse artillery batteries, here are the 14 virgin units (seven a side) and two 'C-in-C' stands that have been added to the collection since the start of lock down. They, along with the aforementioned re-based skirmish stands (not pictured), are now completely finished and ready to take to the table. 

Amongst the units above are two previously un-posted additions. 

These are two battalions of the 4th Vistula.
Yellow and blue is always a nice combination of colours, especially when mixed with a good quantity of black and white to set them off. 

Thanks to Peter (aka Gonsalvo) for posting uniform information on his blog.
Figures are Front Rank, flags are GMB designs. Painted by yours truly using Humbrol enamels.
Next up, two battalions of 4th Swiss - which I'll base as soon as they are painted. That will be another milestone as it leaves less than 10 units in the French lead pile: It's the final countdown - cue Europe.