Wednesday 18 December 2013

The Christmas bash 2013 - Prussians Versus Russians

For this year's Christmas game I decided to use another one of Charles Grant's scenarios from "Scenarios for Wargames". Those who know the book will recognise the scenario from the terrain - it is scenario 15. Reinforcements in Defence (1) On the Table. However, because the game has to span at least two gaming nights (preferably three), I have expanded the force sizes a great deal and changed the victory conditions so that the battle is prolonged and fought 'deeper'.
 The set up is largely based on the original scenario. The Russians are defending with their vanguard and rushing up reinforcements from their main body. The Prussians have arrived on the field after the Russians and must attack to wrest and secure their objectives from the occupying Russians; however, the Prussians have arrived all at the same time and are in full battle array from the start. It is a simple scenario - but the best ones always are.
The main objective, as per Grant's scenario, is the large hill immediately in front of the attacking Prussians. The Russians are holding it with three units of the Observation Corps and some guns. In my scenario this hill is worth two victory points.
 Behind the hill is a large lake (this is a terrain addition). As per the terrain in the original scenario, beyond the first hill there is a farm, a second hill and a town. In my scenario the town and hill count as two further objectives worth one victory point each. This effectively forces the players to fight for at least two of the three main terrain features, rather than just the first hill. There are a few medium sized 'edged' woods that count as terrain features, but isolated trees and fields are 'virtual' - so don't be alarmed if these features move about in any photos of play, they are just there to look good.

Another change to the scenario is the deployment of the Russian cavalry. Both sides have a much bigger proportion of cavalry than in Grant's scenario. This is to make it feel more Seven Years War.
The Russian main force is already issuing from the town and marching toward the sound of the guns.
The Russian infantry are nowhere near as good as the Prussian infantry under our rules so I have increased their numbers dramatically. If they can get organised they will be hard to beat.

Lastly, some pics of newly painted and based troops. We have three units of Cossacks, a unit of Prussian grenadiers, and the three units of the Observation Corps. Oh yes, speaking of new troops, I have some Operation Zorndorf news. All of the units to re-fight Zorndorf, including the Russian light baggage, have now been purchased with a couple of orders using the money from the Trafalgar, and some ebay, sales. After Christmas I intend to get the 20mm high density foam boards for the (under table cloth) battlefield topography.

This battle starts tonight.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Reserve Demolition 3

Last night we started Reserve Demolition for the third and last time (the three of us have played each part in rotation). Yet again, it is a different game. The Prussians (Graham H.) are under  extreme pressure, but their lines are holding - at least so far.

Here are a couple of shots of last night's action.