Friday, 9 May 2008

Chotusitz. The Battle Report.

The battle opened with a Prussian cavalry advance. The Austrian cavalry responded with an advance of their own. The Austrian infantry also advanced but exposed their right flank in doing so. The Prussian Hussars, following up in the wake of their heavier friends, immediately exploited this by wheeling and charging onto it, with devastating results for the first Austrian infantry unit which could make no adequate response. They were ridden down and destroyed. Fortunately, the next infantry unit in the line fared better; it managed to hold the Hussars and drove them off with several well timed volleys of musketry.

The first clash between the cavalry was inconclusive, both sides inflicting and receiving losses. The cavalry, progressively becoming less numerous and more tired by the hour, hacked away at each other until the end of the battle. As historically happened they cancelled each other out.

Meanwhile, in the centre, the Austrian Infantry continued their advance on Chotusitz. A brief fire fight ensued with the outnumbered Prussian defenders. The Prussians were forced back whilst their supporting artillery, possibly badly sited or low on ammunition (Rolled D8 attack dice), banged away to no effect. The Austrians, seizing their chance, took possession of the village.

At long last Frederick’s infantry was activated (two advance cards were added to the Prussian deck. Until both had been turned Frederick’s infantry, command D, could not move). They now advanced with √©lan (rolling up 3 segment moves on the following 2 move cards) confronting the Austrian infantry and engaging with them in a fierce fire fight.

After forming a stable line the Prussians assaulted the village. Their first rush was checked so they withdrew, reorganised and attacked afresh. This time they threw the Austrians out of two village sections, occupied them and awaited the counter attack.

Both sides were now exhausted (morale chips swinging at zero for both sides). It was the Austrians who cracked first, failing their major morale check by more than 4 they withdrew from the field. Prince Charles called for his coach. The Battle of Chotusitz was over. A Prussian victory – just.

Figures: Old Glory and Wargames Foundry.
Painted by Olicanalad. Olicana Painting Services.


Frankfurter said...

Very nice paint jobs ...
what figures dominate in the collection?

Andrew said...

what rules are you using?


Hi Andrew,

We used Piquet's Field of Battle for this game. We are big fans of Piquet here in Ilkley.


abdul666 said...

A very pleasant battle report. The alternance of 'close up' and 'large view' photos is quite pedagogic, as was the presentation of the background and scenario. At the same time, both very inspirational even for old hands, and very demonstrative for newcomers.

Alistair said...

Hi - nice report.

Any chance of posting the map and OOB for Face of Battle? Some of us at our wargames group (Brighton Wargames Club) have just refought Chotusitz using Might & Reason but it would be fun to introduce them to the Piquet version, which I've just got :)

Great to hear that Piquet is alive and well in the UK!


Alistair said...

Doh! Just found the ORBATs etc at

- thanks!