Monday, 18 May 2009

Pike and Plunder - News - Version 2 coming soon

Two years ago I said that I would rework my Pike and Plunder campaign rules (a four player Italian Wars map and table-top campaign system) following intensive play testing. Unfortunately, due to more pressing projects, work on Pike and Plunder virtually ceased. As you may already know (I'm taking a year off new projects) time has now become available to revisit unfinished work; Pike and Plunder has been first on my to do list.

I have changed much of the Pike and Plunder to make it a far more flexible campaign system. It will be a two to four player campaign (originally it was for four players only) and will be usable with any set of table-top rules. It is, following a reworking of the the turn sequence, playable by mail; thus allowing players to save valuable gaming time, by concluding campaign moves, before meeting up to fight the table-top engagements. Several other elements have also been tightened up and expanded upon. The original version of Pike and Plunder gave a very enjoyable campaign, but I think it is a much better, and totally different looking, beast now; even the map / playing board has changed.

It will, if all goes to plan, be ready in about a month or so. When it is, I will pass it on to Martin Stephenson of Vexillia Miniatures for final editing and publication. Then it will, though much later than I'd originally planned, be available as a download. Version 1 was, and will be, available as a free download, version 2 will not be; though we will endeavour to keep the cost low.

If you have been unaware of Pike and Plunder, and the Ilkley Lads Italian Wars campaign before now, you can take a look at it here:

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