Sunday 28 February 2010

Ager Sanguinis available from Miniature Wargames

Rules for Crusader Warfare 1095-1150.
Originally published as a part-work in three issues of Miniature Wargames in 2009.
Now available to order as a bundle of all three issues:
MW January 2009 No. 309 (Rules) MW March 2009 No. 311 (Christian Army Lists)MW November 2009 No. 319 (Muslim Army Lists)

Price £11.00

Save £0.85 on the price of ordering each magazine individually + FREE UK P&P.Available only while stocks last.


WABit said...

About time I ordered a copy really.....


WABit said...

Forgot to say, I'll be in touch ASAP re: article about Vappa and touching upon your beautifull game James.