Monday, 20 September 2010

First WWII units

This weekend I took a break from the Punic Wars and painted a few vehicles and guns for 22nd Armoured Brigade Group, Nov 1941. (But don't worry - I'm now back with the Punic Wars project.). I'm still waiting for my sheet 2mm MDF so they are unbased. The first units are:

2nd RG Hussars Regiment- 10 Crusader Mk1.

Anti-tank battery 102nd AT Regiment - 2 2pdr portee and 1 truck

C Battery 4th RHA - 2 25pdr, 2 Quad tractors, 2 limbers, 1 truck, 1 AOP in carrier (this piece is a standard FoW carrier which has had extra radio equipment, a telephone-cable spool [rear], a scratch built rangefinder and 'map' [for easy table ID], and an extra crew member added), and 13 25pdr crew - 6 per gun plus battery officer.

Now back to the project.........................


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

WoW these look fantastic!

I'd be interested in a post with a tutorial on how you to your highlighting on your tanks.

robertpeel999 said...

Fantastic painting as ever James. How ion earth do you paint so well, sooo fast?

Keep up the good work,


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Xouldn't agree more - lovely stuff..

I do *like* portee's - despite the fact that they are almost always the first to be destroyed when I deploy them! :o))

BigRedBat said...

They look great!

Do you need to base the tanks? They look very nice unbased. Maybe you could use rare earth magnets undeneath, to hold them in storage, and an extra coat of varnish to protect them in use.



Yes I will base the tanks - on big bases at that - 60mm front by 75mm deep. This will stop players (including me) going 'wall to wall tanks' which makes so many WWII games look so crap, IMHO. It also, makes firing angles easier to decide, aswell as protect the paint job.

Of course, doing big bases in the desert is easier than in other 'modern' theatres as there are no bridges, hedge lined roads, woods or built up areas (latterly which anyone actually fought in) or any other 'civilised' clutter for that matter - most of it is like a billiard table. Even the roads (desert tracks - 'trigs' - and the ONE all weather road) were not essential, even by supply transport, except as a way not to get lost.

Wide open spaces = BIG BASES!

Mark Dudley said...

Nice stuff James.

Still no match for my Italians though.

Once you have got a few based up why dont we set a game.


Hi Mark,

You're on.

BTW Mark, I've bought some 2mm MDF 3 foot by 4 foot sheets (x5) from, our local art magnate, Tim T. They are £4 each (but you have to buy 5). Would you like me to put one aside for you? It's gotta be a lot cheaper than the pre-cut bases you've been buying.


BigRedBat said...

I do hate the wall to wall tank look, too.

We were using hexes for our game last week; despite this the players insisted on lining the tanks up next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, in little rows within the hexes.

Now what you need is a very very big hex grid... :-)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely work!That's a very formidable looking line of armor.


Don M said...

Excellent work James!

michael said...

Isn't it about time for some more Punic Wars photos and progress reports?

Your Punic Wars "tooth fairy"
Mike B

Anonymous said...

You maybe interested in this:

Great work, by the way.

All the best


Galpy said...

very fine paint work lots of skill