Monday, 16 May 2011

Punic Update: The Trasimene Armies

At last, I have finished the armies for the Battle of Lake Trasimene for the game at Sheffield Triples this coming weekend. Here are some shots of the figures ready for packing.


Cavalry: 8 units of 8 figures = 64

Hastati: 8 units of 24 figures = 192

Principes: 6 units of 24 figures = 144

Triarii: 6 units of 12 figures = 72

Velites: 8 units of 12 figures = 96

Command: 7 stands, 15 figures total

Total 583


Spanish Cavalry: 4 units of 12 = 48

Numidian Cavalry: 6 units of 8 figures = 48

Gallic Cavalry: 4 units of 12 figures, 1 unit of 16 figures = 64

Libyan Spearmen: 6 units of 24 figures = 144

Spanish Scutarii: 4 units of 36 figures = 144

Gallic Warband: 6 units of 44 figures = 264

Spanish Caetrati: 3 units of 12 figures = 36

Balearic Slingers: 4 units of 8 figures = 32

African Skirmishers: 7 units of 8 figures = 56

Command: 7 stands, 17 figures total

Total 853

Next up on the painting list, the last of the Romans and two elephants for a big Trebia battle, a mere 100 figures or so. Then I'll be finishing off the other national contingents, Gallic, Spanish and African, a rather more substantial 800 odd. Ho Hum, but at least I'm down to three figure totals.


Inkub said...

Absolutely impressive. And stunning. Make a lot of shots in action please:)

Caliban said...

Hope all goes well on the day!

War Minister Crittumbo said...

That's very nice on all fronts.
Hope you have a lorry to move it all.

PatG said...

Looks like 6mm }:-)

Very nice work. I hope the game goes well.

Unknown said...

What word should I use? Impressive seems to me too plain a word... Well done

Sgt Steiner said...


That lot must weigh a ton !!!

Very impressive seeing them on 'parade' :-)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Great googamooga! That's a lot of figures...and beautifully painted as well.

Ray Rousell said...

Wow!! I'm very impressed, hope you have a great game, lots of photos please!!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

To say that's impressive is a huge understatement! Breathtaking comes to mind.


Wg Cdr Luddite said...

Agree with PatG. Could have saved yourself years of work by doing it in 6mm.

Gonsalvo said...

Most impressive, James!

BigRedBat said...

Hugely impressive! Maybe you could post about how you transport them safely?


Prufrock said...

Very nice! Best of luck for the big day.


Thanks guys.


I just put them in old veg boxes from the supermarket, stack 'em in the van and trust to luck. Never had a problem so far.

Glenn said...




Glenn said...




Richard said...

Fantastic effort. Did you need an intravenous drip to take on fluids and food while painting that lot. Looking forward to the miniatures in action at Triples.