Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cerignola Battle Report

Having shaken itself out into two supporting lines the French gendarmerie charge the defences....
....before being forced back in disorder.
The Swiss and French infantry charge whilst d'Alegre's command tries to outflank the Spanish position. 
D'Ars, leading a desperate charge in person, falls at the ditch. A classic case of having your D'Ars kicked.
Nemours rides into the fray to restore order.
Heavy fighting on the French left is going their way - French gendarmes being gallantly, and effectively, supported by Gascon missilery.
At the entrenchment the fighting is at it's height. The French are making some progress, but they are taking heavy casualties.

Here, Spanish cavalry countercharge gendarmes in support of a hard pressed colunela.
The French are spent, and start to withdraw.
Only on the left are the French now threatening to take the entrechment....
 .....but the right wing collapses and the battle is effectively at an end.

This Battle was much more closely fought than last time. If the Spanish had not had a string of high dice rolls at the critical moment it might have been very much closer. The French will always be hard pressed to win this battle (which is just as well) but, with luck on their side, it might be possible. The French player (that would be me) also made a big mistake early on: I spent far too many morale points keeping d'Ars' cavalry fully intact, when partially might well have been enough. Also, just as a footnote, not one Stratagem was successfully played.


BigRedBat said...

A fine sight!

pancerni said...

Great fight, similar in outcome to the couple I've seen at H-Cons when Peter A. ran his version this battle.

Splendid looking troops.

ColKillgore said...

That is an amazing looking game.


Gonsalvo said...

Fantastic looking game, as always, James, and this time it played out about right - the French had a shot, or at least felt they did, for most of the game. They could win if they get lucky, but it isn't likely... and as you say, that is how it should be. As long as the Spanish player sweats quite a bit, it works as a game!