Sunday, 28 December 2014

Solo Zorndorf part 1.

A video clip is something new to this blog. I've done it because there is nowhere I can take a single shot from that will cover the entire table, so panning a video seemed logical. I'm sorry for the appalling quality of it, but it was taken on my little pocket camera on a rather creaky tripod. Anyway, I thought it was worth a go. I'm not sure I'll bother again.

I'm using classic Piquet rules [house] amended for big battles. I have randomly determined unit and officer quality except for Fermor, who I made poor, and Frederick who I made skilled. I drew a random hand from the army characterisation deck. I added a few other scenario specific cards to both decks which I'll detail as they come up in play. I'm also going to use dominoes to determine initiative points rather than rolling D20s. 

Onto the game.

Turn 1:

Following a quickly staged artillery barrage Manteuffel's command emerges from the smoke into a hail of canister fire.

Historically the infantry advance was preceded by a lengthy Prussian artillery preparation. To quickly determine the casualties caused by this fire I rolled D6-1, halved, rounding down Vs all of the units before 'the angle' in the Russian line. 
 Both sides then begin pouring in volleys of musketry.
 The Russian line cracks and Prussian grenadiers charge into the gap.
The reserve lines restore the situation after a brief fire fight. The Prussian grenadiers run.
Malachowski's Hussars pour across the Zabern-Grund into the flank of the Russians before they have chance to turn.

Quite a feat, achieved with two back to back 'Move in Difficult Terrain' cards.
The first Russians encountered are thrown back, with loss, in disorder. Then more hussars charge into the fray.
Pandemonium rules and the Russians are on the run. The solidity of the initial deployment is shattered.
Before their officers can regain control the Russian soldiery begin to loot their own baggage. Breaking open casks of brandy they become totally useless.

Historically, this happened at various times during the battle. I have found that the easiest way to represent this happening is to add a 'Pillage and Loot' card to the Russian deck. When it appears, any Russian infantry in retreat (rout) are immediately removed from play.

The situation at the end of turn one.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Outstanding table display, James!

Mad Padre said...

Absolutely gobsmacking. Your SYW figures always give me inspiration to get painting my own.
Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Chris Gregg said...

Absolutely wonderful looking table and great photos, thank you

Sparker said...

Absolutely amazing set up and great to see a video in an AAR!