Thursday, 2 July 2015

Prussians and funny looking Prussians

This week I've gone a long way towards finishing the last of my seven Years War Prussians. Front to back, IR 2, IR 14, and IR 25. I plan to do the standards and basing, all together, after I've finished the last three units of figures - namely 3rd Battalion of IR15 and two units of Cuirassier.

All figures are Wargames Foundry. 

I've just noticed, looking at this photo, that I've placed the standard bearer's base at the end of the line rather than in the middle.
The thing I like about Foundry Prussians is the lack of packs and such. Presumably they have piled these accoutrements in the rear, guarded by an NCO and men on the sick list, before marching out to do battle.

Now we come onto the 'funny Prussians'. 

I bought these figures, via ebay, from Wargames Foundry. I bought them over a year ago when Foundry were selling off old stock on the cheap. From memory these were advertised as a 'Guard Grenadiers regiment pack of 24 figures'. They were 'buy it now' £12. I needed another unit of infantry and I didn't have any IR15 figures in their distinctive uniform so I bought them without thought.
I haven't looked at them until now. I've always assumed they would be 'up to standard'. 

On close inspection I'm completely baffled as to what I've actually bought. These figures (3rd Btn, IR15) should have lapels with simple lace. The cuffs should have simple lace. The figure should have a coat with a collar. 

These figures appear to be half finished conversions. How very, very strange that these figures made it to market. 

Edit: Also, and just to be spooky, they don't have eyes, just holes where the eyes should be.

Edit 2: I've just found out that these figures are available at full price from Wargames Foundry as pack "SYWP83 - Frederick's 15th Grenadiers". Buyer beware, these figures are not wearing the recognised uniform of any battalion of IR 15.

I've now removed the complicated lace from the cuffs. I'll paint lapels, collar, lace and buttons. From a distance they should, from past experience, look OK. 

Next up, this unit of grenadiers and two units of Cuirassier. Once flagged and based, the Prussians will be finished. Fifty units done and dusted - Huzzah!


Phil said...

Splendid job!

Der Alte Fritz said...

I think that the figure might be IR6, the original Grenadier Garde (single btn regiment), which had no lapels.



Hi Jim, I don't think so. They really have an unfinished look - no buttons, etc. Plus the aiguilette and cuff lace defines them as IR15 1st Btn. I'm pretty sure this is work in progress. Also, and strangely, unlike the grenadiers from other packs, they have a lack of eyes: Spooky.

Gonsalvo said...

The painted Prussians are marvelous as always.

The Guardsmen are definitely "FLK" ["funny looking kid(s)"], though!

Bedford said...

The Prussians are post All the Good Sculptors Have Left Foundry James........ you probably figured that out yourself but worth a mention anyway.


Adam said...

Amazing! I am just finishing up a battalion of Austrian Regiment D'Arberg in what I was thinking was record breaking rate and you go and conjure up 5 times as many Prussians in the same time! :)