Friday, 23 October 2015

Four more units of Austrians. Only fourteen more to go.

Well, I've decided to get my Austrians finished before the end of the year. I want, on New Year's Day, or perhaps the day after (New Year's Eve is my Birthday), to start my Napoleonic collection. I promised myself I wouldn't start them until after the Seven Years War collection was finished. I intend to keep that promise.

I have made a start with four of the last eighteen units. I've done one difficult one and three easy ones.

 First up, a combined Hungarian grenadier unit. These are from IR 2 and IR 37. 
I already have the fusiliers of these units and these extra grenadier stands could be used as a combined grenadier unit or to bolster the fusiliers into 'three battalion regiments'. If you remember, I represent regiments of two battalions with one 24 man unit. Apparently, three battalion Austrian regiments usually comprised a two battalion regiment and a composite battalion from a battle depleted regiment - the Austrians, being particularly bad at replacing casualties, found this organisationally easier. I didn't know that until recently - it seems the 'natural' three field battalion Austrian regiment is something of a myth.

 Three batteries of Austrian guns and their crew. The nearest gun is a crew man short. I'm painting a fusilier playing a mandolin whilst a chicken roasts over an open fire for the corner of this stand. I think the crew man must have deserted from barracks at Front Rank, or perhaps he ran off with the postman.
Six shiny new guns on their yellow carriages. I think it's a particularly pleasant paint scheme. Very smart.

So what's left.

7 eight man units of cavalry.
2 eight man units of Grenzers.
3 twenty four man units of German infantry.
1 twenty four man unit of Hungarian infantry.
1 twenty four man unit of German grenadiers.

By New Year's Eve, deal done.


Gonsalvo said...

I'm a fan of the Napoleonic Austrians, but it may be that their 7 Years War army is even nicer in appearance... at least when you paint them!

Phil said...

Beautiful uniforms and great paint work!

Steve J. said...

Superb work once again. I like the idea of representing two Battalions with one unit, so might give that a go one day.

Colin said...

Really nice work as usual.

Carlo said...

Wonderful looking units James. Great to see you setting your goals and finishing a project before starting the next. Wish I had your discipline!!