Tuesday, 12 December 2017

First French regiment completed & some new lighting for painting

The 3rd battalion of 36th Ligne is done.

I started this regiment on 28th November. Today it's the 12th December. So that's a regiment of three twenty-four man battalions plus a dozen skirmishers, eighty-four figures in total, done in fourteen days. I doubt I'll be able to maintain this pace but, it's a very good start.

I was planning to do 2nd Leger next but, whilst double checking the painting guide, I suddenly realised that the carabiniers in this regiment wore bearskins. Of course, I bought all of my Leger in shako. Consequently, I've had to revise my painting schedule until after firing off a quick order for my Christmas / Birthday present to Front Rank. I will not get my hands on these figures until after Christmas so, next up will be 14th Light Dragoons for the British, and after that a dozen riflemen to finish off the two British infantry brigades - both were undercoated today.

On a different note, I've been thinking about getting some new bright lighting for my painting station for for quite some time. 

I've talked about a short wall mounted florescent tube with a plug in cable. Today I went into my local, very old school, electrical shop to discuss the possibility of Mr. Clegg (the very old school owner) making me such a light. To my delight I found they are commercially available, ready made, and he had some in stock. 
I happily paid over the money, went home and fitted it. I now have 100 watts of lighting, just above eye level (so no glare), directly above my desk - it is, no pun intended, brilliant.


Clive w said...

The figures look lovely and the painting desk is surprisingly tidy considering the speed at which you paint!
Which 'painting guide' are you using for the French that gives those details?


Osprey, p.17 "2nd Leger.....Carabinier:bearskin with diagonal white cords, red plume,....."

Phil said...

Lovely French regiment, well done!

Anthony Miles said...

That's some serious progress. Look forward to seeing the light dragoons as I have done the same regiment in Perry plastics.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I have those very lights fitted by my kitchen fitter as downlights under the cupboards over the work top - very flexible as you just plug another into the end of the first...


Indeed, I'm thinking of getting another strip to do just that. On a dull day, like today, it makes a real difference.

And, I'm thinking about getting a third strip, to use as a lighting wand for photography. I'll use the fixing clips (probably glued on to the fitting) to attach it to some kind of handle. Florescent tubes give such a good, even flood of light that I think it would work rather well.

Anonymous said...

Rapid progress, that's impressive by anyone's standards
I'd get some voltigeurs in colpacks as as well James just because they look good!