Tuesday 20 March 2018

A Very British Civil War - LOGW weekend

Belgians, Morris Dancers and the Grenadier Guards rush past Hemingway to face another crisis in Newcastle - you can tell it was cold - they are all wearing coats.

I've returned from yet another thoroughly entertaining game with The League of Gentlemen Wargamers up in the colder reaches of the U.K. The game was a multi-table 'campaign game', the whole representing the north of England up to Berwick and various players were either Scots, Anglican League, Communists, Albertines or British Union of Fascists - I was one of the four players playing the latter and never a game was so well lost! In fact, the BUF were the target of everyone, and who can blame them for that.

Evening all! Communist cavalry, about to get  stuffed by the constabulary. Very pretty unit that, Chris. 

Virtuallyly non of the photos I took came out, so here is a link to Tim's blog, or Bills blog, where they did. 

Tim's blog

Bill's blog

I had a great deal of fun in this game. Except for a brief foray to the east to fight some Albertines (Bill G.) at the start of the two day game, I spent much of my time defending the city of Newcastle. Single-handedly I fought off an Anglican League faction (Angus K.) and Hartlepool Communists (Chris H.) for the rest of the game until Newcastle fell to the Bishop of Durham in the very final turn of the weekend. 

That church in the background is the base of my two faced, conniving, untrustworthy, backstabbing enemy the Bishop of Durham (Angus K.). That jumper belongs to my two faced, conniving, untrustworthy, backstabbing enemy the Hartlepool Communists (Chris H.). That plane is mine and it's about to 'hang another monkey'.
My Grenadier Guards, with support from the constabulary, Morris dancers and Belgians (amongst others) fought to the last man, last bullet, last throw of the dice. I took down the enemy in their droves; at the last count, including the Albertines on day one, I killed 16 units for the loss of only 7. This was largely due to the sterling work done by the Royal Victoria Infirmary which kept depleted units up to strength with troops returning from their sick beds - this was especially true of the Guards who, to a man, must have each been wounded at least three times during the campaign - Angus was definitely hunting bear(skins). 

BUF volunteers, brave but stupid, await the call from Edward VIII. He was unable to make the call because his trip to Balmoral was rudely interrupted by a band of Celtic supporters (Dale S.). 

Mrs. Simpson didn't seem too bothered, she was busy 'doing things' to the Bishop of York (Kieron P.), the eventual winner who, with all the Royals having been killed, and with the death of the Archbishop of Canterbury (machine gunned from the air), would soon find himself crowned King.
Thanks to Colin J. for organising the game, Bill G. for his knowledge of the rules and answering constant questions with such good grace, and Steve R. (of course) for kindly putting me up for the weekend.

Next up, for the LOGW, it will be an old school SYW game organised by Charles G. using rules from The War Game. I think it's planned to be a pan European, multi-table, campaign affair. Should be good......


Gonsalvo said...

Sounds great. The 7 YW extravaganza should be awesome!

David said...

A fine game by the sound of things, in the best traditions of the VBCW!

Phil said...

Great pics!