Friday, 6 September 2019

Some pics from recent games using FoB2 and a PK'd version of our own.

I don't seem to have much time to do much in the way of blogging these days, which will hopefully change after the schools go back, but, to be going on with, here ate some pics of my Peninsular stuff in action last month. The collection is coming on and decisions, after much faffing about, on the rules are too.


warpaintjj said...

All looking suitably splendid for your fledgling Peninsular collection - keep 'em coming.
Best wishes,

warpaintjj said...

PS Which rules did you go for out of interest?

Clive w said...

The coolection looks lovely, will be interested on your rules comments clive

Sgt Steiner said...

As ever excellent looking game. Waiting impatiently for release of FOB 3


Thanks guys,

We are, for the time being going for bastardised FoB2. Using FoB 2 cards (because I bought the custom made decks a few years ago and never used them), but with domino theory PK initiative, with single moves, spending initiative by group to move, by unit to shoot (free re-loads on cards), melee and rally.

Of course, that statement bellies quite a few amendments that needed to be made, such as won Lulls getting the difference in dice initiative, and won Lulls off Lulls reducing the initiative won to 0 max.

We've also changed ranges, and the combat tables to a certain degree; introduced abstract rules for integral skirmishers; introduced opportunity moves such as form square if charged with a simple DD difficulty check - fail on 1 & go OCC (which is a fairly good addition to standard FoB2, IMHO); multiple OOC acquisition but auto-rallying one level of OOC on each Leadership card; and the like.

The changes stemmed from us wanting a more graduated, slightly slower but more involved FoB game. Being able to play a game over multiple sessions (having a dedicated wargame room) makes this both possible and desirable.

FoB 2 is excellent for a one night game but, in getting things done quickly it loses out on some of the detail which made classic PK so cool but, classic PK doesn't work so well because it's mechanisms clunk quite loudly beyond say 12 - 18 units a side and it can be fatefully one sided if the initiative dice obey Sod's law. What we have is a hybrid, something detailed enough and fast enough for our purposes.

More anon...........when they've been play tested a little more.

Jay White said...

WOW! I beautiful looking game with stunning miniatures!

David said...

Nice to see the figures in action on the table. I do like your buildings too, great inspiration for my efforts.