Friday 19 August 2022

Dice Cell Trays

I needed dice cell trays for SoN games. I bought a load from War Bases (not enough) and they are great. However, I needed a lot and, rather than double the price by sticking two together, I decided to make them deeper by cutting out lots of platforms, made from mounting board, with the centres cut out, just wider than the cells but not wider than the cell walls. As it turned out, a 1mm tolerance was more than sufficient. Once cut out, I chamfered the edges so that, when textured, the platform was lost / disguised. It was all a bit tedious for the money saved but, it worked very well.

Cells, on platforms, on bases. And the finished test cell - should of stopped with that one.
Why didn't I just buy double the  cells, to save time and pain, I ask you?
A Yorkshireman's 
stingy, bloody mindedness, that's why!


Rob said...

It's not stinginess, it's the joy of crafting. Don't you get a sense of achievement doing it this way? The bad old days of endless conversions to Airfix figures did leave one prouder of one's armies - well me anyway.


I know where you are coming from, I too like doing 'craft' and making things. For example, I only own one shop bought 'building' and that's a bridge - the other 40 or 50 were all made by me and, except for a lot of War Bases doors and windows, mostly from scratch. I've even started to make trees from scratch (that's something I haven't done for over 20 years).

But these were just a chore, a boring one, and the work didn't add anything - it just saved a few quid. What's more disappointing is that I underbought and still need to do about another three dozen, and now I've started doing it this way I have to keep going.

Rob said...

Oh gosh, so I'm not the only one. I also, once started have to do everything the same way even if I come up with better ways to do it half way through.