Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Mid War Spanish Additions (cont. 14) - Regimiento de Burgos

In May 1811 2,525 light blue uniforms with yellow cuffs and collar were delivered and issued to units serving in eastern Spain. The uniform was issued without shakos so locally obtained round hats were probably worn with it. 

Caveat emptor - The three battalions of 1st Regimiento de Burgos were serving in eastern Spain in 1811 and in 1814 they wore a very similar uniform to this one (in 1814 it was piped white). Consequently, I think it's not to much of a leap to put them in this British produced uniform and round hats in 1811, though I don't have any direct evidence of Regimiento de Burgos actually wearing it.

Figures are by Front Rank.

The flag is by Adolfo Ramos.

Round MDF bases by Warbases, others are home cut from MDF sheet. 

The foam (grass texture) is Woodland Scenics coarse turf - a mix of yellow grass and burnt grass.

Note the officer on the skirmish base, more anon.

Yet again, I chose this uniform to add another colour combination to my eclectically uniformed Spanish army.

Please note that to the eye they are more blue, a brighter sky blue, than the camera and my lighting has made them look here.
In the last post I mentioned that I had saved a few pennies by converting the spare standard bearers in the Front Rank battalion packs. 

The conversion was done by simply adding a pouch (small balsa wood block) to the bottom of the figures 'flagpole strap'; removing the hilt of the sword from the top of the scabbard; adding a sword from my bits and pieces box. 

It's not a particularly realistic pose but, converting a dozen or so saved me about £20 and I didn't have to waste many figures.


Rob said...

I'm just so jealous of the speed at which your Spanish Army is coming together - with all these uniform variants they're going to look spectacular en masse. The French must be quaking in their boots.
Good to actually meet you at Partizan.

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking troops Sir!

pancerni said...

Certainly a lot of nice units added to the Spanish faction. Good looking unit.

MightyOwl said...

Great painting as usual! The 1ยบ Burgos Regiment received new 'English' uniforms in March 1812, a sky blue jacket and red facings. It received a second uniform in December of the same year, probably the uniform listed in 1814. Which was a light blue jacket and trousers, yellow cuffs with white flaps, yellow collar, white turnbacks and silver buttons.