Monday 25 September 2023

Campaign Battle Report: The Road To Badajoz.

 With everyone present we got going ASAP.

The British set up first: A line with their left echeloned back, cavalry in reserve.
It looked like the villages would be something of a hindrance to Bereford.
Then the French deployed. They decided to hold their centre and left in strength. Their extreme right was covered, some way off, by cavalry
The left and centre.
The centre right.
The Anglo-Portuguese, bless their cotton socks, attacked from the off. The French artillery began to tell immediately. This did not have the look of half measures.

With the allied advance the French cavalry holding the right advanced into uncontested ground to threaten their left flank.
In the centre left the action was hotting up quickly as the skirmishers of both sides became emmeshed. 

Note: On the extreme French left, Mark has begun to counterattack. 

Note: In the foreground the allied Cavalry is moving to counter the early French movement here. This will result in one French unit of cavalry destroyed by British Guard Dragoons and the Portuguese cavalry being forced back shaken. 

The allies had taking the brunt of it coming in but, they were not doing badly. The lines were forming up at musketry range: A firefight, then; a duel of cards and initiative (with the odds slightly favouring the allies). Shortly after this shot was taken the sides withdrew skirmishers and the volley fire began in earnest.

On the French left, the French pressed home a counterattack. This attack will cause the outnumbered Portuguese division to flinch, losing an infantry unit. However, they do hold.
Almost the last action on the night: On the extreme allied right, Portuguese Cacadores came out of the village onto the flank of French light infantry moving through the woods in extended line: They fired, they charged. The French Legere were sent packing: A classic ambush.

Importantly, this was just the end of turn one (four turns to go) and the French have turned two Stratagem (reinforcement) cards. Soult may well arrive early!

To be continued....


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Beautiful looking game!


Rob said...

Well that certainly kicked off with a vengance - unfortunately for the allies it seems Soult will arrive earlier than exepected and all their hard work will be undone.
The French cavalry unit 'destroyed' by British Household cavalry, how many UI points lost will that translate to?

Belisarius said...

Who was it said “ Both my flanks are turned, there are enemy cavalry to my rear . What do I do ? Attack ! “

daveb said...

Great looking battle. How big is your table?
I'm looking forward to reading what happens in the late afternoon/early evening.


Thanks, guys

I feel a hefty butcher's bill is on its way for this one.

The table is 12x6. It actually has a drop leaf t extend it to 14'8" but, we decided for this campaign a 12x6 would be used for all battles: It fits nicely with the Age of Reason 'two square' table maps.

roro said...

Hehehe, that's a cliffhanger ;) Can't wait to see the next turns!
Seems to be a bloody battle with the allies trying to break the french before the arrival of Soult! That's bold but could be decisive... Unless Soult arrives quickly ! After all, Napoleon called him "le meilleur manoeuvrier d'Europe" (the best maneuver general in Europe) after Austerlitz. Let see if he still deserve that title!

sirlancelot said...

These games of your look very exciting and must be fast moving too, I can hardly believe you get so much action into 5 turns, this is Napoleonics at its very best.