Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Test game conclusions

Last Wednesday Graham and I (Peter was horse sitting) played out the game started the previous week. 

The amended rules all worked out very well and we have decided to use them as standard. 

The new way of paying for morale challenges was a winner, as was testing the opponents morale (rather than one's own) on the Major Morale card.
The game was a topsy turvy affair. The Prussian cavalry lost every encounter they initiated.

Their final unit of hussars did no better than the rest, though they did slightly better than the Garde du Corps which were slaughtered by canister fire before getting to grips - useless, hopeless.... 

....tis ever the way with war games guard units!
But, the Prussian infantry faired much better. 

As they floated across the corn, they poured volley after volley into the Russians until they began to crumble.

They won the battle for the Prussians in some style.

Next week, for pre-Christmas, we will put on our snow boots for the Battle of Mollwitz. I know you shouldn't eat green snow.....


Jay White said...

Beautifully done sir. Which rules are you using again?

pancerni said...

Beautiful game. Shame about the Prussian horse. It's the yellow snow one must avoid!