Monday, 28 December 2015

One more for December - a strangely mixed bunch of Hungarians

Yesterday, I painted the last unit of line infantry for my SYW Austrian army. It's IR 31 Haller. I nearly didn't paint this unit up because, there is something rather odd about it.

This unit consists of a batch of twelve figures I purchased from ebay made up to strength with a direct purchase from Front Rank. 

I didn't immediately notice that, although both lots of figures are by Front Rank, and although the shooting figures all have the same catalogue code, they are different sculpts.
I seem to remember someone telling me that Alec had, at some point, redesigned some of his Seven Years War range. It looks like I have a unit that comprises both the new and the old.
Although the difference is very apparent close up, the older sculpts being much bulkier figures, I doubt anyone will notice during game play. 

Just 16 Grenzers to pant and the Austrian infantry are finished.


marinergrim said...

very nice and until you mentioned it not noticeable at all.

Unknown said...

Once again another excellent paint job, but I have no idea how you paint Base and research and wargame while I have a French Syw infantry on my desk for at least 2 years You put me to shame carry on as you were

Scheck said...

They look fantastic, even if they aren´t the same production. I wonder, how fast you are - one day for such a regiment??!! Chapeau!


Gonsalvo said...

I would agree, they look super, and in the pics the difference doesn't jump out at you at all.