Friday, 29 January 2016

The Battle of Neue Strassen - AAR part one

 The terrain for the Battle of Neue Strassen before deployment. Scenario notes on the terrain and forces can be found here.
Peter (in a blue jumper) took command of the Austrians. Graham (in white jumper) took the Prussians. Why do things work out that way?
Both players chose a cavalry command as vanguard. The Austrians deploy their vanguard on the Der Grat. The Prussians deploy their below Neue Strassen facing Mautbrucke. 

The Austrians begin to arrive. The Grenzers and hussars advance quickly towards the Schlammigenstrom. This will be the only time the Austrians will be ahead of the Prussian deployment. From this point on the initiative is well and truly with the Prussians.

Although it's the Austrian troops which arrive first, its the Prussians that arrive in force. 
Before the Austrians can get onto the field of battle the Prussians are deploying around Neue Strassen and massing cavalry facing Mautbrucke and the Schlammigenstrom.
At Mautbrucke the Prussian cavalry, led by squadrons of 5th Hussars launch repeated attacks against the Grenzers that are occupying it. 

It takes three attempts, two repelled with heavy loss, but the Prussians break into Mautbrucke and cross the Sclammigenstrom.
 Meanwhile, Prussian infantry are streaming through Neue Strassen.
Before turn two is over, the Austrian left, with their commander watching on from Die Pickle, is coming under increasing pressure
 And the Austrian main force is still in the process of arriving.
It's going to be a close run thing for the tardy Austrians. 

On Die Langenhugel the Prussian infantry can be seen preparing to launch an attack in considerable strength against the Grenzers in Schlammigenwaldchen.
This is the only place where the Austrians have formed anything like a battle line.
Frederick arrives at Kibitz. Better late than never.
At the close of the first night's play everything it set for a major clash, and it's the Prussians who have the jump on the enemy.


Narval said...

Beautiful terrain, armies and beautiful game

Rodger said...

Stunning sight! Thanks James.

Dalauppror said...

Exellent looking game!!!

Sgt Steiner said...

Great as always

Anonymous said...

A wonderful advertisement for wargaming, of the SYW in particular. I look forward to "part two".

von Peter himself

Phil said...

What a stunning battlefield!

David said...

I always enjoy looking at your games and reading your AARs, so keep them coming please.

Phil Robinson said...

Stunning stuff, look forward to the next instalment.

Steve said...

Stunning from all angles, thanks for sharing. Where are the roads from by the way?