Saturday, 2 January 2016

Star Wars Christmas

For the first time in my life I'm taking a walk on the Dark Side. 

Now, I've played the odd fantasy and Sci-Fi game before and, as a kid I even had a few miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons, but I've never bought anything I'd call a 'gaming collection'. In March 2014, Peter brought his X Wing game over and we had a blast with it. I really liked this game. I thought it was ideal as an end of session, early main game finish, time filler. I promised myself I'd buy it, then promptly forgot the promise.

Over the New Year I went to see the new Star Wars film (3D) on the local Imax screen and very good fun it was too! Yesterday, I was loading my Christmas Amazon gift vouchers into my account thinking about books I might buy then........ wait a tooting minute, X-Wing! I did a quick Amazon search and sure enough, there it was. I filled my boots and now have a small collection of space ships.

I've bought two starter sets so that I have two sets of game aids, rules, etc. This should help speed up play.

It was also a very good way to get six ships cheaply. This set is currently £23.20 on Amazon.
 So I have four Tie Fighters....
 ...and two X Wings.
No collection would be complete without a Millennium Falcon, so I bought one of those.
I bought a Tie Advanced, so I have an excuse to make heavy breathing noises,
 a Tie Interceptor because they look very cool,
....and a Y Wing to, hopefully, balance up and start a collection of some of the less familiar craft.

Finally, to fight on, I bought one of these. It's a battle mat called Star Birth. I got it from a company called Something Geeky. Even with £6.00 P&P it is significantly cheaper from these guys than it is on Amazon. I bought a 6 x 4 one.
I can't wait for everything to arrive and, damn it, it all comes painted and ready to go!


Neil Scott said...

You have succumbed to the Dark side, welcome, I love this game and already have too many ships

Gonsalvo said...

Saw the movie in IMAX 3-D as well yesterday, and all of the family enjoyed it thoroughly. Haven't gotten into X-wing, but almost everyone seems top enjoy it. I have over 100 starships already form the Old Superior Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights range, so no need for more ships here!

roma912 said...

I to have joined the dark side and am awaiting arrival of the core rules and a few extra T fighter types

Cheers, Ross

PanzerCDR said...

It is a lot of fun. You won't regret the purchase, even if the ships aren't up to your very impressive painting standards. You can never have too many TIE fighters!

Jay White said...

Excellent!! If you like X-Wing I'd say you'll also enjoy Armada ... which is very different gameplay but still very cool. As someone who also dabbles in the dark side I recommend checking it out once you've had X-Wing for a bit. Enjoy the new goodies :-)

Ken Reilly said...

It's a great game, one of those simple to learn years to master type of games. Our group prefer the campaign / scenario format instead of the points route but either way many people enjoy it. Won't be long before you own at least one if every ship !

Regards Ken

Paul O'G said...

Awesome! Just be aware that these are just your INITIAL purchases
Its a slippery (and fun!) slope to lots more I can promise you :-)

derek said...

That's the way, jump in with both feet. I'll also recommend Armada as well. Both are fun games to play.