Friday 1 July 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg: The army lists

For this campaign I'm using my own army lists rather than those laid down in the Bohemian Blitzkrieg campaign rules. I'm doing this for two simple reasons. Firstly, my table-top rules are for infantry regiments as opposed to battalions. Secondly, so that the lists fit with what I have in my collection, because there is no point having army lists you can't fulfil.

The lists are not set in stone. However, as I will be deciding, as umpire, the composition of all armies that come to grips with each other in the campaign, a guide to give some consistency of approach is essential. This consistency means the players will be reasonably sure of what they will have under their command when they commit to battle.

Anyway, they are pretty simple things, so I thought I'd post them for you to see.

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