Friday 1 July 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg: Turn 4, Austrian move phase.

Lorraine from Aussig to Lobositz to Budin to join with Arenberg - Lorraine takes command of the combined army of 63 SPs.
Konigseck from Munchengratz to Sobotka to link with Serbelloni. Konigseck takes command of the combined army of 53 SPs.

There are potential combats at Niemes (A 13 SP Vs P 24 SP), Budin (A 63 SP Vs P 38 SP) and Sobotka (A 53 SP Vs P 42 SP). Blunder phase rolls: Niemes 6/2; Budin 6/4; Sobotka 2/1. No armies blunder into a battle.


Alter Fritz said...

It seems like the advantage always goes to the side moving second because it can see what is developing and then respond. This turn it seems to have enabled the Austrians to double up armies in one place and outnumber the Prussians. Do the rules provide any advantage for being the first side to make contact with the enemy?


It does seem that way, however, the Prussians have much better initiative factors. To move, each commander needs to roll a D6 + initiative factor and score 6+. Frederick and Schwerin are 5s so they always move, Bevern and Henry are 4s so only fail on ones. Lorraine is a 2, Konigseck is a 3, Macquire is a 2 and Serbelloni is a 1. The Austrians have been very lucky in rolling high this turn, it could very easily have all gone so very wrong for them: qui est la guerre.

After contact initiative becomes important again as it goes towards deciding which side chooses terrain to be fought over.