Friday, 2 April 2021

Huerta de Pablo - Battle Report: Turn 3

For orientation and navigation I'll start this part of the report with the photo of annotated initial deployment.

The turn started with a continuation of the stately progress of the Guards and Highlanders towards San Pablo.
Their supporting cavalry, 14th Light Dragoons, took an advance position at the foot of Spruce Hill. It was their last act before being blown away by artillery fire from the French battery hidden behind San Pablo and the withering musketry from 2nd Btn. 4th Legere.
French smiles did not last long. Outside the French camp at Huerta de Pablo, the 1st Hussars receive similar treatment from the guns and infantry of British 2nd Division.

The Guards and Highanders occuppied the southern half of San Pablo, the Gordons continuing the advance by evicting the 2nd Btn. 4th Legere after a short sharp melee. 
French artillery on Pine Hill was doing sterling work, routing it's second British unit (2nd KGL) with heavy loss. They would not be rallied.
French 3rd Division was now arriving at Huerta de Pablo, bringing considerable pressure to bear on 71st Highland Light Infantry.
And at San Pablo, the Guards and Highlanders began to look distinctly outnumbered by the arrival of 2nd Division.
Looking south from High Farm Hill, things looked rather more equally balanced...
...with the British of 2nd Division readying themselves for the French onslaught....
...and 3rd division coming up fast.
West of High Farm Hill, the 15th and 20th Dragoons of French 5th Division advanced, over Black Briar Stream, into the gap which had now opened between the two separate 'wings' of British 1st Division.

This picture shows the overall positions at the end of turn 3, the action is about to become general. 


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