Monday, 15 November 2021

Latest Napoleonic Additions


The Anglo-Portuguese army is getting very close to completion with the addition of these two Dragoon units. 

These represent the 1st and 2nd Dragoons King's German Legion. Historically they were brigaded together.

Figures are 28mm by Front Rank (which has recently been acquired by Gripping Beast: Presently, FR isn't open for new business). 

The flags are by GMB Designs. 

The figures were painted in enamels by Yours Truly, and they are based on home cut 2mm MDF (45mm x 60mm).

These two units are identically uniformed with the blue facings of Royal Regiments. This was handy because it enabled me to paint them as a single batch.

I'm rather fond of this 'standing ready' pose because it seems to be how most of my heavy cavalry spends its time on the table-top. It also makes the figures nice and compact and easy to handle
The flags too are almost made for a double batch of the KGL. One flag sheet serves to produce the flags for both regiments.

The crimson square flag is suitable for the first squadron of either 1st or 2nd Regiment KGL; the swallow tailed flag blue flag for the second squadron is only suitable for the 2nd Dragoons KGL.
I used various sources for the uniform but, the Osprey book (Men-at-arms 338) provided a very useful picture for the Second Dragoons KGL, including one of a trooper mounted. 

This was very useful in explaining the arrangement for the troopers cape strapped on top of his pistol holsters. This seems to comprise a strap at each side plus a much broader leather strap arrangement at the top - I had thought this top piece was two or three more straps before seeing this picture.

Before I start the Spanish, I've decided to plough through what is left in the lead pile for the Anglo-Portuguese and French. If I don't do it now, will I ever be bothered? Plus, I think I'll churn through a lot of the Spanish very quickly as they are much more simply uniformed.

Next up are British 10th Hussars, a unit of British light infantry, a unit of Black Brunswickers, and then finally a unit of Portuguese cavalry: That will signal a roll call for the British.
After that, I'm going to paint two units of Legere and a unit of Chasseurs a Cheval. 

That will complete the first two armies - I have no plans to extend either beyond their present numbers, each touching the 1000 strong mark as it is. Then, I'll just have 800 or so Spanish to do - simples!


Sergey Ageev said...

Excellent cavalry!

Gonsalvo said...

A fine job on a pair of very famous (and effective) uinits of the KGL!

Neil Scott said...

They look superb

Ray Rousell said...

They look very nice indeed!

pancerni said...

Great start to a couple big projects.

Mike Bersiks said...

Ready for Garcia Hernandez

fireymonkeyboy said...

Turned out well! Interesting that you are using enamels - do they end up being more durable?

David said...

Super looking new cavalry units! I always enjoy seeing your new units as well as splendid AARs.

Ratmaul said...

Beautiful work, and interesting uniforms with those bicorns!

David said...

Beautifully done - and I like the way you add the cavalry standards to your British cavalry, despite the consensus being that, apart from possibly a short period at the beginning of the Peninsular War, British cavalry did not carry them. If we showed these troops as they probably really looked most of the time, wargames tables would look horribly drab! :-)