Wednesday 15 November 2023

Campaign Report: The Allies go on the rampage

In the campaign moves that followed the French scrambled to respond to Wellington's surprise moves and victory at Madrid.

Wellington and his Allies were too quick for them. Whilst Blake bottled up nearly French 50 UI of Soult's army at Badajoz. Wellington backtracked to confront Soult at Cacares. 

The tracker sheet. This has the victory points tack (the Allies are definitely winning I'm definitely coming in last), turn clock and holding boxes.

Note the French blood (my blood), from a savage pin wound, in Siege box 1. Who said wargaming was a bloodless sport?
The Battle of Cacares. Map 3 was rolled up, the French will choose table edge.
The table terrain. The French will deploy on the left. The French will deploy first.
The British, all laid out ready to be deployed. As attacker they can deploy anywhere along, and up to 24" in from, their table edge.
The French, all aid out ready to be deployed. As defender they can deploy up to 24" in from their table edge and 18" in from the table ends.


French Follower said...

Still beautiful. If I may suggest one piece of advice, perhaps you could orient the map of Cacares in the same direction as the battlefield.

Rob said...

That looks a bit more of a challenge for the Allies.

daveb said...

Is there any penalties for Wellington doing an enormous amount of marching? Or does it represent other forces being sedate and hard to organize vs Wellie moving like he is manic?



The move sequence is decided by an activation card deck, a card being turned from it then acted on. The sequence deck doesn't only contain specific army activation cards, it also includes cards for weather, reinforcements, attrition, etc. There is also a reshuffle deck card which effectively ends the turn.

As you guessed, its more like luck than magic - but, as in war, you take advantage as you can.

I've read more military history than I sometimes care to remember but, this system throws up military 'reality' more than any other system I know. At the end of the day, war isn't a science - see Ukraine.

Belisarius said...

This looks like the Crucial battle for the campaign.