Wednesday 15 November 2023

Campaign Report: Wellington takes Madrid

 Wellington had caught Joseph by surprise. Joseph's only hope was to shift position and trade ground for time in the hope that nightfall would allow him to slip away. This hope was dashed on the first night's play when turn one was extended twice by early 'same domino' sequence deck re-shuffles; French discomfiture was exaggerated by their lack of ability to draw a domino with many spots on it - they drew a 0:1 domino three times in succession and failed to beat a low double at least twice: It was brutal.

The British begin their advance.
The French start to reposition to their right, trying to shift the axis of their line through 90 degrees.
As the British advance, Wellington orders Hill's 2nd Division (in reserve) forward. It arrives on the British left, potentially flanking the new position chosen by the French. 
The British press home on their right, the attack being led the Light and 7th Division. The 7th suffers heavily from artillery fire coming from the hill on the French left. 

The French launch a counterattack against Hill on the opposite flank with the Guard and Cavalry Divisions. It stalls under artillery and small arm's fire. 

And turn one is still in progress!
The second night's play goes better for the French. 

Hill's 2nd Division is almost shattered but French Guards Division are spent - only being saved by the play of a Campaign Battle card "Undaunted".
But, the French are finished. They lose their last Army Morale Points with the loss of the cavalry division. Joseph's army retreats to Zaragoza; Madrid falls into British hands.


Rob said...

Did the battle end on the last French morale card or did they have to extract their army from the table in the face of the Allied pursuit?

daveb said...

Having an uncertain ending time definitely ups the fun/anticipation/friction in games. Even GW has moved towards turns ending on a die roll so it's less deterministic.

Belisarius said...

I wonder if there’s any possibility of Wellington having advanced too far . In real life he had to abandon Madrid , the first time he took it .