Monday 15 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 10, Prussian move phase

At the end of turn nine the Prussians under Winterfeld at Konnigstein retreat to Rumburg,  and the Austrians under Toppa retreat to Welwarn.

Frederick is out of supply for a fourth consecutive move and loses 2 SPs.

Prussian moves:
  • Henry at Nollendorf with 18SP, to Aussig, then Lobositz.
  • Frederick at Budin with 33SP, to Lobositz. 
  • Schwerin at Alt-Brezlau with 45SP, to Brandeis. 
  • Bevern at Soor with 10SP, to Koniginhof then Arnau. 

Correction: Frederick has 51 SP, not 41 as shown here.

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