Monday 1 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn seven, Austrian move phase

Following the surprise invasion of Bohemia by the Prussians, the Austrians are regaining their balance. They are now adding one to all of their initiative rolls for movement.

Lorraine to Koschnitz then Lobositz
von Krappa to Aussig then Nollendorf
Browne to Linay and then back to Leitmeritz
Konigseck to Alt-Lissa

This is a big move for the Austrians. Von Krappa (created last move) has moved to prevent any hope of retreat to Henry, now confronted by Lorraine at Lobositz. Henry must fight or surrender. 

The positions, prior to pre-combat retreats, at the end of move seven:

N.B. There should be red pins at 1 in the lines for Frederick and Henry - OOS one turn.

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