Monday 15 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 10, Austrian move phase.

Brown is still out of supply so loses 1 SP.

Austrian moves

  • Konigseck at Welwarn with 28 SPs, gives 1SP to Serbelloni who moves to Melnik and then Dauba, Konigseck moves with 27 SPs to Budin then Lobositz to join Lorraine.
  • Maquire at Brandies with 20 SP moves to Prague and encamps outside the walls.
  • Daun at Chlum with 12 SPs moves to Sobotka.
  • Browne at Konnigstein with 10 SPs moves to Rumburg.
There is a major contact at Lobositz. Lorraine with 71 SPs faces Frederick with 51. There is also a minor contact at Rumburg. Frederick retreats to Aussig, Winterfeldt retreats to Schlucklenau.

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