Tuesday 2 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign. Turn seven, The Battle of Lobostitz. Battlefield selection and OOB.

The Austrians are now recovering from the shock of Frederick's surprise invasion of Bohemia (they have started to add 1 to their activation rolls this turn) and Prince Henry has been outmanoeuvred at Lobositz. With no chance of voluntary withdrawal he is forced to fight. Lorraine outnumbers him by almost 2:1.

The armies do not blunder into each other so each side rolls to gain the initiative in the first pre-battle manoeuvre phase. 

First phase: 
  • Henry roll 2 + initiative 4 = 6
  • Lorraine roll 2 + initiative 2 + home turf 1 = 5
Henry wins the initiative and must choose three battlefields from the following and state deployment edge (+10 was added to each roll for Lobositz being a rough terrain dot):

12; 16; 46; 72; 81; 94.

Henry chooses 12 southern edge; 16 southern edge; 94 northern edge.

A D3 is rolled to determine which battlefield: The roll is 3 and battlefield 94, with Henry deploying from the north, is selected.

Lorraine refuses battle and the pre-battle manoeuvring continues.

Second Phase:
  • Henry rolls 3 + 4 initiative +1 won initiative last phase = 8
  • Lorraine rolls 1  + 2 initiative +1 home advantage = 4

Henry wins the initiative and must choose three battlefields from the following and state deployment edge (+10 was added to each roll for Lobositz being a rough terrain dot):

28; 39; 55; 61; 97; 99.

Henry chooses 39 south; 55 south; 61 south.

A D3 is rolled to determine which battlefield: The roll is 1 and battlefield 39, with Henry deploying from the south, is selected. (Note: There is a misprint in the book, hence the pencil number correction).

This is what I came up with. It's close enough. One piece of terrain I have omitted, by accident, is the hill under the wood in the SW corner - I simply did not see it. The battlefield is 12' x 6'.

Having won both rounds, Henry can deploy 24" on table. Lorraine can deploy 18" on table. Secret deployment applies to both sides.

Terrain Definition:

The northern hill is type i. 
The southern hill is type ii.
The western hill is type i.
The eastern hill is type iii (it will be rocky).
All woods are open type iii.
The stream (NW corner) is type ii.
The river (NE corner) is type iii.
Roads on type i terrain provide for an extra 25% movement rate if the unit is in column of route and carries out it's entire movement on the road. Roads crossing type ii / iii terrain count as type i terrain without road bonus.


Charles, Prince of Lorraine commanding 47 SPs.

5 Cuirassier regiments (25 squadrons)
1 unit of combined Horse Grenadiers (5 squadrons)
3 Dragoon regiments (15 squadrons)
3 Hussar regiments (15 squadrons)

12 German Musketeer Regiments (24 Battalions)
2 Hungarian Musketeer Regiments (4 Battalions)
2 units of combined grenadiers (4 Battalions)
3 units of Grenzer (3 Battalions)

2 two gun batteries of heavy field artillery
two gun batteries of field artillery (one may be howitzers)

Other named generals: Arenberg


Henry, Prince of Prussia commanding 26 SPs.

3 Cuirassier regiments (10 squadrons)
2 Dragoon regiments (10 squadrons)
1 Hussar regiments (5 squadrons)

6 Musketeer Regiments (12 Battalions)
2 Fusilier Regiments (4 Battalions)
2 units of combined grenadiers (4 Battalions)

1 two gun battery of heavy field artillery
one gun battery of field artillery (may be howitzers)

Other named generals: Moritz (+1 quality adjustment)

Note: Battle to be started Wednesday 3rd August.


Der Alte Fritz said...

If the Austrians refuse battle, then why do you have to re roll for a new battlefield? Historically Daun, for example, would choose a position,mFrederick would reconnoiter and decide that he didn't want to have a battle there, and so he would move on.


It's just a simple rule mechanism to give the boys the feeling they have some control over where they choose to fight. If I was rewriting the rule I think I would have more control and just three stages.

1. Blunder battle. 1 in 12 chance that there is no chance of avoiding battle. One battlefield roll, random table edge.
2. Not a blunder battle, both sides decide to fight but roll the same result for initiative, one battlefield as per the 'encounter battle' rules.
3. Not 1 or 2. As per the rules for phase 2, but the player winning gets to choose two fields from five assigning one as preferred. Then roll D3. 1-2 preferred, 3 the other one.

As a simple mechanism for the manoeuvring before battle I think it has simple and elegant merit but think there is too much chance involved overall.

Sgt Steiner said...

Interesting stuff indeed