Monday 15 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn 9, Austrian move phase

At the start of the move phase Browne and Von Krappa start the turn out of supply. They both lose 1 SP. This eliminates Von Krappa at Nollendorf.

Austrian moves:
  • Lorraine at Lobositz with 43 SP, to Aussig and then back to Lobositz.
  • Browne at Karbitz with 11 SP, to Konigstein.
  • Konigseck at Brandies with 26 SP, to Prague and then Welwarn.
  • Maquire at Alt Bunzlow with 20 SP, to Brandeis.
  • Daun at Staudenz with 32 SP drops von Bitburg (new commander initiative 1) at Staudenz with 20 SP. Daun to Koniggratz then Chlum with 12 SP.

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