Monday 1 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campaign: Turn six, Austrian move phase

It's at this stage that Austrian strategy takes on a different hue with small forces moving to take out the Prussian lines of supply.

Browne at Welwarn attempts to split his force into three with two new officers. 
One SP stays at Welwarn to be joined [later in turn] by Lorraine.
Krappa [new officer: initiative rating 2] moves with 2 SP vai Budin to Lobositz.
Browne moves to Leitmeritz.
Lorraine at Budin moves to Welwarn.

There is one contact at Munchengratz. Konigseck and Schwerin meet again.

Konigseck withdrew to Jung-Bunslau. Note that I have not adjusted the VP count picture (VP count is 53 Austrian / 73 Prussian).

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