Friday, 5 August 2016

Bohemian Blitzkrieg Campain: Turn 8, Austrian move phase

Von Krappa is out of supply and loses 1 SP.

Austrian move phase.

  • Daun arrives at Koniggratz and moves to Staudenz.
  • Konigseck at Lissa with 46 SPs, splits his force and gives 20 SP to Maquire who moves to Alt-Bunzlau. Konigseck moves to Alt-Bunzlau then Brandeis
  • Browne at Lietmeritz with 14 SPs, splits his force and gives 2SP to General 'Jung' Toppa (initiative 0). Browne moves to Linay and then Karbitz.

At Lietmeritz Jung Toppa retreats, before battle, to Budin. This move will show up in the next situation map.


John Ray said...


Do you envisage any siege type games during your Campaign. If so, do you have the City/town Walls etc The reason I ask, is that when we fought our War of Bavarian Succession Campaign we needed loads of town walls.

Really enjoying your Campaign Blog posts.



Hi John,

Not for this campaign.

The rules (Warfare in the Age of Reason: Bohemian Blitzkrieg by Kershner and Wood) specifically state that Prague and Dresden can be besieged (by starving any garrison into submission using the standard out of supply rule) but cannot be stormed unless they are outnumbered (in SP) by 5:1 when the garrison automatically surrenders. If any garrison sallies it should be treated as a field battle.

I'm not sure if Frederick could have undertaken a formal siege of a place as big as Prague but after the Battle of Prague he didn't undertake one. My understanding is that the invasion of Bohemia was never one of conquest and occupation: It was launched to throw the Austrians off balance to buy time, a strategy of aggressive defence that he successfully used, for the most part, for the remainder of the war.